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Sat, Feb. 21st, 2004, 10:06 pm
_rubyeyes: Soft Reset Prospective Job Classes (Pending Approval!)

I'm posting this for a friend. Feedback encouraged!

When I started wondering how else people might make use of the lifestream, other then Shin-Ra type purposes, some fairly nifty(at least to me) concepts occured to me. So I wrote them up and thought they might either make good potential additions to the game, or at least serve as a starting point for someone else's ideas. ^_^ So here're my ideas for two new, Soft Reset-specific job classes.


In all worlds, there's always been those who seek to use the darker, more disgusting and disturbing layers of reality to work their will. The environs of Iifa is no different, and a specialized class of
magician has come out, to equivelent the Necromancers of old.

A Lifestream Wizard is one who *deliberately* calls upon and uses the corrupt forces of the lifestream, with no attempt at purification whatsoever - they *count* on the death-dealing corruption to fuel their
dark magicks. What would lead a being to such a course? Who can say? But the temptation's been there from the dawn of mankind. This is just the latest incarnation.

A Lifestream Wizard has a number of specialized abilities to learn in addition to the common spells, which would be rare to find among more 'pure' beings. Among these are:

Detect Black Hole - The wizard has a natural affinity for being able to 'smell' out fiend release points, at a considerable distance. The bigger the hole, the easier it is to find and the greater distance it can be detected, but even relatively small disruptions can be tracked down by the wizard with only a little effort.

Destabilize Break - If for whatever reason, the Wizard wishes to destroy a break, s/he can use magic to start a sequential breakdown in the forces keeping the break stable, allowing the lifestream to destroy and reclaim it. This is taxing in direct proportion to the 'strength' of the break - a small, already-unstable pocket, wouldn't take too much to wreck. A larger, fairly stable location, would be
very hard to do without the help of other Lifestream Wizards. Truly Great areas, such as the region of the Iifa tree itself, are downright impossible without a *LOT* of power(far more then even a small cabal
of these freaks would be able to generate. IE: the sort of thing only threatenable by Tinyplot)

Summon Fiends - A Lifestream Wizard is able to create very short-lived black holes(matter of a few seconds to a minute, usually), for the purpose of summoning Fiends into the world. These magically-opened black holes can be created anywhere - not just over exposed lifestream - although it's easier to do so in unstable areas. The fiend the Wizard gets cannot be determined by him/her - the lifestream's just too chaotic for precision. But the more power the Wizard puts into it, the bigger the
vortex is created, and thusly, the bigger/nastier the fiend. These 'summoned' fiends will instinctively recoginize the Wizard as an 'allied' force, and NOT attack him/her, UNLESS there is nothing else available to assault. Then even the Wizard is not safe from their murderous instincts. One summons Fiends at their own risk.

Stain Creature - A ghastly ability used only by the villianous or vengeful, the Wizard can make use of the lifestream's corruption, to corrupt another living being. These 'forced stainings' are invariably of the worst kinds possible, and almost always physical or psychological. This cannot be done on a being who won't sit still for it(they have to be restrained), and unless they've already been quite weakened, they still have a strong chance for resistance, thanks to the power of the human(or whatever) spirit. Some Wizards have used this ability to create truly disturbing pets and familiars.

Because of their unique talents, Wizards are *sometimes* employed by Gauntlet Runners, or as freelancers, as scouts and guides, skilled in fiend avoidance rather then conflict. But this is a rare hiring, as not too many people will tolerate working too closely with them.


An Artificer is the technological equivelent of the Wizard. These disturbed men and women make use of the energies of the Lifestream, to create and empower magical items and technologies. They often have
a background in or knowledge of alchemy, and often(but not always) an interest in machines and technology. The ends Artificers turn their abilities to can vary, but all that is produced by this Art is
fundamentally corrupt and amoral.

Among the more inventive and 'evil' uses the Artificers have put this knowledge to, is tapping into the lifestream to coax the souls and spirits of animals, or even people, out of the farplane, and directly
into items and weapons, thusly 'imprisoning' these souls within the devices. Such items are often powerful, always sentient with at least high-animal intelligence, and nearly universally reviled. But as
revolting of a practice it may be, the temptations of power are often far more compelling.

In addition to the usual talents of a machinist, alchemist, etc, Artificers also have a few specialized abilities open to them:

Handle Lifestream - Not *exclusive* to them, but all Artificers learn how to 'safely' handle and work with the raw lifestream. Artificers are naturally resistant to mako poisoning, and skilled in collecting,
transporting, and using the material.

Empower Object - Artificers can empower ordinary objects, with the raw energies of the lifestream. The ends vary(status resists, elements, etc), but all are Corrupt in some fundamental way, and often tend
towards the darker uses(gravity and death magics, poison, health draining, etc) This is a Process, and not an instant talent(takes work).

Identify Object - Artificers are fairly skilled at IDing the nature of unknown, empowered objects. Often doable with contact, though particularly mysterious or unclear ones may require tools and/or a workshop.

Extend Mana- Artificers know how to make the most of lifestream energy, and anything empowered by that energy. Items in their hands are more powerful/last longer/etc, then in non-lifestream trained
hands. Add one level to magic/resists/whatever(blizzard becomes blizzara, resist poison becomes immunity, etc), ONLY for worn/weilded objects.


The natural disadvantages to these job classes should be obvious - one tends to take on the properties of what one messes with. In this case, it manifests itself in the form of stains. Wizards are notorious for
them. Artificers, due to their resistance, tend to have a mildly longer 'grace period' before problems begin to show up, but inevitably they *will* show up.

All(Wizards and Artificers both) come with either the bad reputation and/or stigma stains at some level, depending on how well known their practices are, and what they've been doing with their Art. Many develop psychological problems in a fairly short time. The older Wizards and Artificers may/will develop physical stains(particularly Artificers), and Wizards often have magical ones as well.