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Fall of Rain Productions Presents!

Soft Reset MUX: Where we're all treebound to Iifa.

Soft Reset
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Soft Reset, the MUX

It's the end of the world as you know it. You can feel your breath in your lungs, it's beginning to hurt with all your exertions. You've nearly exhausted your supply of ether and your comrades are looking beat. The source of your anguish stands before you, nearly triumphant.

Then it comes down. The hand of fate quickly crushing you and your companions like grapes.

Game Over.

Hope you remembered to save...

Soft Reset is a Final Fantasy MUX that spans through nearly every game put out by SquareEnix. (Squaresoft to those of us who remember.) However, this is not your standard game. There is no convergence, no melding of worlds. Instead, in each game there was a definitive ending... in favor of the villain.

Soft Reset's address is: heimdall.play-hookey.com 8100